Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Presentation - Lauren, Cameron, Brad

Beliefs about Online Deception. Please tell us what you thought. You may download the presentation at http://drbeagle.com/445/baod.pdf


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

Lauren, Cameron, and Brad, you guys did a great job explaining your topic with the PowerPoint presentation. I like how you are looking at all different types of online media as opposed to what Caspi and Gorsky looked at, which was just beliefs about deception online. The "Prevalence Paradox" is also an interesting avenue to explore and I think that you will find some really interesting information about what people think about it once you have your survey data. Good job, I look forward to taking your survey.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger kaitlin said...

Hey guys-
You did a really nice job today! Your power point was really well organized and like I said in class, your had a lot of good visual interest. I think it will be interesting to incorporate the truth bias into your paper. It really is fascinating how much of a contradiction it is; on the one hand, the truth bias says we assume people are telling the truth because out world wouldn't work otherwise. But on the other hand, the prevalence paradox suggests we believe much more deception is going on around us. Do you think the prevalence paradox is only true online? Also, I noticed you said for my more important lies, people would probably use a richer medium according to the media richness theory. Is this because they want to monitor their listener so they can modify if necessary? I would have thought the deciever would think they could get away with it more online, so if it was important to get away with it, they would choose a leaner medium. Am I making sense? Anyway, great job, and you guys have a really good topic, so good luck!

At 8:09 PM, Blogger alexkresovich said...

I showed up late and I still enjoyed myself!

Haha, sorry, but really I thought you guys did a really good job presenting your research (especially when people put you to the fire about if you guys can actually do the research yet). I think the "Prevalnce Paradox" is very interesting and I thought your image for it was very appropriate and well thought out (the linking webs with the people on the outside made I'm sure would make the idea a lot easier to understand for a lot of people). I hope you guys are eventually able to do your survey because I'd be interested in hearing how it goes. Great job from all of you. Clear, concise, down to the point, and informational.

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Amanda Pearsall said...

Lauren, Cameron, and Brad,

First and foremost I think you guys did a great job organizing your research. You started off broadly with DePaulo and gave us a good idea of how you came to decide on a research question. It is obvious that you have been thorough in your research and did not skip a beat when it came to framing your question around lots of theory. You brought a lot of theory together logically and cohesively.
Presentation wise, I enjoyed how you meandered back and forth from text-based slides with summary statements in yellow to visual-based slides that really gave the big picture. It made it very easy to follow your thought processes.
I also liked how you went over, slowly and clearly, the differences between mediums. We forget sometimes that we have spent a whole semester or more looking at the affordances of such mediums, but this background will be rather helpful to others who visit our blog.
In addition, kudos to you three for actually revising the feature based model and applying it to beliefs about deception. I absolutely loved the idea that you were able to analyze past research, and fit your hypotheses into a preexisting framework.
Finally, as I've said in a previous post, you did a wonderful job creating that survey. I'm curious to see if the results match your hypotheses.
It's just a fascinating realization that our beliefs are so different from our experiences.
Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. Good luck on the paper!

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Robin Kornet said...

Guys, you did such a great job! Your powerpoint was very comprehensive. I thought it was well organized. I liked that you guys did not have a lot of text on your slides. It made it easier to pay attention to you guys.
The prevalence paradox is really interesting. I like how that was represented on the slides. You guys did a great job encompassing all of the theories (Feature Based, MRT etc...). Also, it is interesting how you are not only looking at discussion boards, but instant message, facebook, etc...
Overall wonderful job.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Lauren, Cameron, and Brad- Your presentation was great and I really enjoyed it! I think it's great that you guys have designed a study and are carrying it out. That is a very ambitious undertaking, and the experiment and survey look great!
The presentation slides were very enagaging and augmented the presentation well. I especially liked your diagrams.
Additionally, I think that your paper is going to be very strong with regard to the theoretical frameworks and theories that you are using. The presentation gave very good summaries of the different models and theories, and it was evident that you understood them and did a great job incorporating them into your project.
Great job overall!

At 11:59 PM, Blogger Shane said...

Lauren, Cameron, and Brad --
Your presentation today was very thorough and logical. I especially enjoyed the Prevalence Paradox slide -- it really put things into perspective and helped me to understand it a little better at the time you were explaining it, even if Jeff had some additional suggestions! I also think it's a good thing that you plan on looking at bout the location AND magnitude of people's beliefs about deception. There could be some interesting findings and implications with that. Overall, great job and I hope you're able to carry out your study. How can I take your survey, if at all (like others have), by the way?

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Barrett Amos said...

Nice job guys -- you have a very interesting topic and did a great job with your presentation. I especially liked the visuals and diagrams you used to help spice up the powerpoint. You seem to be off on a very good track and have solid theoretical base for your research. I am also impressed that you actually created the survey and are ready to distribute it pending UCHS approval. I’ll be quite interested in hearing about your results.

For me, the most interesting part of your topic was how an individual’s relationship plays into their beliefs about online deception. In all likelihood, an individual will be lied to by a friend they know and trust much more often than by an anonymous stranger over the internet, yet I think people are going to believe the opposite. It may not be a big part of your research, but I’m looking forward to hearing your results.

Again, great job!

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Jenna Odett said...

Lauren, Brad, and Cameron--great job Tuesday! I think while everyone has been commenting on how well prepared you were with your topic, I'd like to mention you broke up the presentation really well too! I think Lauren gave a broad yet comprehensive overview and introduction to your research, Brad went more in-depth with past research and theory, and Cameron showed us what has already culminated from your work this semester. There was a defined beginning, middle, and end, and your powerpoint kept us engaged throughout.
A suggestion to keep in mind for your paper, which already sounds like it's going to be very revealing , might be what Kaitlin mentioned in class--the truth bias. I don't think it will be tough to include, and I think it can potentially offer meaningfull insights about beliefs. We've discussed prevalence and truth bias together in class, and maybe meshing those together in an argument could help bring light to the paradox.
Great job!

At 1:37 AM, Blogger Corey Ryan Earle said...

Great idea to analyze beliefs about different types of CMC and using a feature-based model. Sounds pretty interesting, and I was wishing I knew more about the model that you developed and mentioned in the presentation. It's too bad we didn't get to hear any of the results of the survey, but hopefully you can incorporate that into your paper conclusions. You can at least look and see if there are any trends in the few survey responses that you have so far.
Presentation was excellent. Very clean and professional looking PowerPoint. Great visuals, etc.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Nikki Nussbaum said...

I thought what you guys are studying was espcially relevant to what I am looking at so that was fun for me. You guys did a really thorough literature review and I enjoyed your fun diagram. I think your design of the survey was especially fascinating. It was a great idea to break it up like that and ask questions about specific media. Good luck with UCHS!

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Kate Frezon said...

Congrats on your presentation. Like everyone has said, it was very clear and well organized, easy to follow. You did a really good job describing all of your hypotheses, and it was really interesting to listen to what you had to say after taking your survey that you posted a few weeks ago.
My biggest suggestion is similar to what I said when I posted regarding your survey. Be VERY clear when conducting your survey, to describe things as clearly as possible in the instructions. When I was taking your survey, I was confused about the difference between what constituted a 'friend' or a 'stranger.' Also, you might want to define things like blog usage -- I remember when taking it I stated that I didn't write on a blog (because I was thinking about a personal blog), and then during your presentation realized that this blog for 445 would have counted. Giving examples or something might help people who could get confused or overwhelmed with all you are asking. But I think your survey design is very good; great job so far!

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Cameron Hall said...

If you are have a Cornell ID take the survey at http://survey.drbeagle.com


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