Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Comments for our presentation

Hi guys,

Just in case you forgot, our presentation was about applying Nyberg's framework to pictures. We discussed how the different ways of showing and hiding can be applied to pictures.

Thanks for your comments!

Nicole and Kaitlin


At 2:12 PM, Blogger Cameron Hall said...

I like how you began with the history of photos. You topic of deception in photos is very interesting and I like how you tied it to Nyberg’s model. When most people think of deception in photographs they automatically associate it to a person that has altered a photo after it was taken. However, you did a very good job explaining how deception can appear at every level and from every person. I like how you used examples to guide your presentation. It was obviously the most important part of your paper and you did a great job translating that to a majority of presentation. However, I feel like it ended fairly abruptly. A little longer wrap-up could have helped really tie everything back to Nyberg and the beginning of your presentation. Similar to what Jeff said, you may have also downplayed forewarning a little too much. Shouldn’t someone know that war photos have a certain amount of propaganda? Does this mean that it is truly deceptive or acceptable?

At 8:17 PM, Blogger alexkresovich said...

I really liked your guys' presentation, especially since you guys are doing a topic similar to ours. I found your presentation to be both inciteful and entertaining (especially the pictures that you guys used). I think you guys did a really good job of putting together text and visuals to present your research (and I hope to model your guys' approac). Like Cameron said, you guys also did a very good job of tying in Nyberg's model to your project and did a very good job of using visuals to show examples of each (especially since it was probably the most important part of your presentation when it comes down to it). I thought your presentation was very thorough and I have a very good idea of the points you were trying to get across as well as where you research will hopefully lead. In the end I was still a little confused as to how the study would be conducted (just some fine details though) so in general I'd like to say you guys did a great job.


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