Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Deception in Photos

You did a great job with your presentation. In terms of the non-content aspect, I really liked that you had a brief overview of your points and explained how they fit together logically to start the presentation. I liked that you used varying media in the presentation, as well as numerous slides to demonstrate each point. You also did not read off your slides, using them only for the audience’s reference, and this helped make your speech engaging. Furthermore, I felt that you did an excellent job speaking clearly, and (changing gears here) connecting your points logically and in an easy way to follow. Lastly, I loved your use of the graphic Jeff pointed out in class. Using a graphic as a means to explain a theoretical point was a great idea that my group will definitely use as well, thanks in part to your group’s pioneering ways!

In terms of content, I thought your presentation was also good. You did a fine job of explaining your main idea. You then did a great job of expanding upon this idea by relating it to Nyberg in interesting ways. You examples were concise and well-illustrated. I thought someone brought up a great point in class that you could have discussed the truth bias and expectations of deception with relation to your project, though this is an extra step for sure. Also, I liked how you critically analyzed the theories you used and your own conclusions. You did a rather effective job at this I might add, though I think you could’ve shown the inherent problems in comparing text-based theory to graphics.


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